Twitter also introduced a new feature in 2016 called “Moments.” Internet Marketing Ninjas suggest you use Moments to create a feature rich, embeddable page that curates tweets about your brand. That means both tweets you make and those of your fans appear on the curated page. This helps your users find other helpful information about your product, brand, or service. It lets you tell stories that go far beyond 120 characters. You set the parameters that define the curated moments, so you control the type of tweets appearing there. It provides a great manner for creating photo essays, introducing new personnel through a “day in the life” moments, or letting you recycle tweets to increase interaction.

Twitter Moments aren’t supported on the mobile Web, but users of its mobile apps can access them. Popular topical Moments collections include broad topics like “Politics,” “Cute,” and “Ha, Ha while organizations put together Moments related to their major events, for instance, the UFC builds Moments around each of its fight cards, and the NCAA crafts Moments around March Madness. The online magazine, Mashable, creates Moments that expand on its big story of the day. Look at existing Moments to get ideas for putting your own together. Your Moments will depend on your brand, what you post, and what your followers and customers tweet about you.

Let 2017 become the year your social media takes off. Use these tips to increase your number of followers and their engagement with your posts. That translates to more purchasing and support of your brand.