Tips to Achieve Better Results with your SEO

Forget new year, new you. It’s new year, new social media campaigns. Make 2017 the year you get your brand out there. Follow these tips to achieve better results with your search engine optimization, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and reviews. Build your brand through quality online interactions using professional Phoenix SEO company services.

General Tips

Before discussing specific strategies and tips for each must use social media, you need a broad strategy for SEO. These tips apply to your website, listings in industry indices, Google, etc. Tweak your website first. Move to your industry listings, especially Google My Business, second. Move to optimizing your social media last.

Why that order?

Because your ultimate goal in SEO is to convert a search to a site visit. Your website is your web home. It compiles all the available information on you and your product or service. Twitter followers are nice, but your ultimate goal is to get people visiting your continuously updated website and buying from you, whether that means tickets to your next fight or concert, or purchasing your t-shirts in a store.

    • Ask for the e-mail address. Up front on your website, ask visitors for their e-mail address so you can send them updates.
    • Yeah! You got their e-mail address. This does not mean spam them daily. Use their contact information judiciously or they will quickly unsubscribe. E-mail them when you genuinely have news about yourself or your product. Not your buddies. Not your brother’s. Not someone who wants to buy ad space from you. You! Staying on topic and e-mailing only when you have genuine news keeps your subscribers coming back for more.

  • Design old school. Use text. Search engine spiders read the text. You can still use image maps, image links, or Javascript drop down menus to look stylish, but always include text links on the page, too. Your disabled visitors using screen readers will love you, too.
  • Design for SEO from the start. Retrofitting an existing site creates a nightmare. Obviously, if you already have a website, you must retrofit.
  • Provide quality, on-topic, unique content. Just like the ad folks do, test your headlines to see what grabs the most attention.
  • Build quality backlinks into your site. Make this a secondary focus, but it is vital. Quality means on topic and directly, logically related.